You asked: Can you tweet with two links?

It looks like the link of another tweet included in a tweet (as opposed to retweeting) will override any other link that has a Twitter card. Two tweets, two links (one of them to another tweet) showing that the order makes no difference and the Twitter card for the tweet is always diplayed.

Can you have two links in a tweet?

Twitter Documentation

In some circumstances, users may want to Tweet multiple URLs. Only one card may be shown in a Tweet. Here is the order of precedence when processing multiple URLs: Images or media attached to Tweets will have precedence over any card attached to a URL.

How do I put two links on Twitter?

Originally Answered: How I can include two URLs on my Twitter profile? Put one in your bio, and put another one in the “website” line where it’s intended to. When you put a hyper link in your bio, it will eat you up some space, but it’s clickable, so people can go to your website directly from people search results.

How many links can you have in a tweet?

In short, all links that come into Twitter will count as 20 characters. So if you’re linking anything, even if it’s shorter than 20, it will be expanded to 20 so as to end any confusion.

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How do I embed a link in a tweet?

Post the Tweet. Open your preferred mobile app, or begin a new text message. Type or paste the URL into your Tweet. Links will be adjusted with Twitter’s link shortener wherever you post them.

How do you use T Co?

You use whenever you post Twitter links. Simply copy and paste a URL into a tweet, reply, or DM, and will automatically convert it into a link of 23 characters or less. This helps keep your tweets under the character limit so you can add more to your post.

How do I create a one link?

Try it now!

  1. Create an Account. Hit the button “create an account”, fill in the sign up form. …
  2. Customize your page. It’s time now to tweak your account, choose your colors (background and button), add another profile image or keep your Instagram default picture, … …
  3. Share with friends. Ready to conquer the world?