How are you billed for YouTube TV?

A YouTube TV Base Plan costs $64.99 + tax/month. The day of your first payment is your charge date, and you’ll be charged on the same day of the month afterwards. If that date doesn’t occur in a given month (for example, the 31st), you’ll be charged on the last date of that month.

Why am I getting charged twice a month for YouTube TV?

I was charged multiple times

Here are the most common reasons you’re seeing multiple charges from YouTube: You have more than one account with a YouTube paid membership: You or someone with access to your form of payment may have signed up using another email address, device, or billing platform.

What is the monthly payment for YouTube TV?

YouTube TV costs $64.99 a month.

How do I view my YouTube TV bill?

Tap your profile image. Tap “Settings”. Tap “Payment Method”. Now you’ll see the menu that allows you to review your current payment method, change it, or add a new one.

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How do I manage my YouTube TV subscription?

Open the YouTube TV app on your Android device, or go to a web browser. Select your profile photo . Click Manage. Cancel.

Is YouTube charging now 2021?

YouTube To Implement Additional Taxes On Non-US Content Creators. As per the Google announcement, content creators who profit from their YouTube videos with views from the US will have to pay a proportionate amount of taxes. Google has announced that they may start to implement these taxes as early as June 2021.

Why is YouTube taking money out of my account?

Tax on YouTube purchases is determined based on tax laws where you’re located, and can change over time due to local tax requirements. … These authorizations happen so YouTube can make sure the card is valid, and to check that you have enough funds in your account to make the purchase – but they are not an actual charge.

Is YouTube TV free with Amazon Prime?

YouTube TV is not free with Amazon Prime, but it can be downloaded and installed on a Fire TV device. YouTube TV is a live TV streaming subscription service and it is not included with any other subscription for free. … Amazon Prime members cannot access YouTube TV for free.

Does YouTube TV have a TV guide?

On a computer or mobile device, go to your Live tab, then select Sort > Edit, and either select ‘Default’ to see all channels, or customize with the individual channels you would like to see on your guide. Once set, your guide will update on all devices.

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What is included in YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is a live TV streaming service that starts at $65 a month. The base plan includes over 85 channels, and add-ons are available for an extra monthly fee.

Sports Plus ($11/month)

  • Billiards TV.
  • Fox Soccer Plus.
  • GOL TV.
  • MavTV.
  • NFL RedZone.
  • Outside TV+
  • Players TV.
  • Poker Go+

How do you change credit card info on YouTube?

Change your default payment method

  1. Visit
  2. Click Manage membership.
  3. Click Edit next to your existing payment method.
  4. Click the down arrow. next to your payment method.
  5. Select another payment method or Add credit or debit card.
  6. Enter your card number (if applicable).
  7. Click Submit.

How much does YouTube Premium cost?

Users are still able to sign-up for a month-to-month subscription, too — $11.99 for YouTube Premium and $9.99 for YouTube Music Premium, the same price as they were before. Both services offer a 7-day free trial period for new users before the user is charged for the full month.

Why can’t I cancel my YouTube TV subscription?

To cancel your YouTube TV subscription, you’ll need to access your account on the web, subscriptions can’t be canceled in the app.

How do I use YouTube without an account?

Yes, you can still view videos without signing in or not having an account. Just go to YouTube and search whatever videos you want, and watch them! You can absolutely view the video, but you can’t like, dislike, comment or subscribe to any channels, since you are not signed in.

How do I cancel YouTube subscription?

How to cancel YouTube Premium in a web browser

  1. Open the Paid memberships page form the menu under your account avatar. …
  2. To end your membership, click Cancel Membership. …
  3. Tap “Manage” to open the membership page in a browser where you can tap the Cancel link.
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