How do I search for a specific status on Facebook Timeline?

So, you can use it to find your specific posts on your Timeline, too, just by entering your query and viewing the results. 2. Type; My posts + “The Specific Subject” you are trying to find. For example, My Posts “Rolls Roys.”

Can you search for a status on Facebook?

To the right of the search field at the top of the app or website, you can select whether you want to search posts, people, and photos, among other options. Enter a search term you remember from the post (like “funny dog”) and it’ll pull up related results.

How do I find a post on someone’s timeline?

To search a friend’s Facebook page, go to their profile page, if you are on a mobile app click on the (…) and click on Search Profile. In the search box that appears, type your search terms and voila!

Is there a way to search keywords on Facebook?

Searching for something is straightforward: enter a few keywords pertaining to a post you’d like to find. As you begin typing in the search bar, Graph Search results will still auto-populate below it. The basic post search option being placed at the very bottom of the list.

How do I find an old post on someone else’s Facebook page?

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  1. Open in a web browser.
  2. Click the Search field at the top.
  3. Enter a search keyword.
  4. Hit Enter on your keyboard.
  5. Click Posts on the top-left.
  6. Select a date under DATE POSTED.
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How do I go to a specific year on Facebook 2021 timeline?

Find old Facebook Posts on your Timeline! (2021 Update!)

  1. Go to your Facebook Profile.
  2. Click ‘Filters’
  3. Choose the year, month and day you want to go back to.
  4. Choose who it was posted by or if you want tagged posts.
  5. Posts will be in chronological order!

What is the best keyword research tool for a Facebook search?

Facebook keyword search is a useful tool for those looking to market their businesses better on Facebook. Facebook’s keyword search tool was designed to filter out content that isn’t relevant to the user. All posts, including photos and link shares, can be found through the keyword search.