Where is my Facebook App secret key?

This is the new App’s Dashboard. Click the Settings link on the left to proceed to your App ID and Secret Key. Your Secret Key will be hidden from view until you click the Show button. Your Secret Key is hidden from view until you click the Show button.

Where do you find Facebook App ID?

Final step: Copy your Facebook App ID which can be found by clicking “Settings” in the navigation menu on the left side of the page, and then clicking the “Basic” link, which will take you to the Basic Settings page. Your Facebook App ID will appear beside the “App ID” field, located near the top of the page.

What is App secret key?

The secret key is part of a pair of keys, the other being the public key. … The pair of keys are used to open a lock, in your case to ‘unlock’ apps. Each app has a unique asymmetric lock. An asymmetric lock is either locked with a secret key, and opened with the public key, or vice versa.

What is Facebook app secret?

When you make a Facebook App, that app will have an App ID and an App Secret. With the App ID, you can send several requests to Facebook for data. The Facebook App Secret will be used to decode the encrypted messages from Facebook, so that sensitive information remains protected.

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How do you copy a secret app on facebook?

Now expand the Setting menu and select Basic. Here you can find the App ID and App Secret. Then click on the “Show” button in the “App Secret” text box. You can copy the “App Id” and “App Secret” which you can use for your Facebook API calls.

Where is the security and login settings on facebook?

In the top left of Facebook, tap your profile picture. Scroll down and tap Settings, then tap Password and security. Go to the section WHERE YOU’RE LOGGED IN. You may need to tap See more to see all of the sessions where you’re logged in.