Why can’t I ask questions on Instagram?

Reopen The App & See If The Sticker Is In Your Sticker Tray. Once you’ve updated, open up the Instagram app and check to see if you have the feature. … Take a photo or video to put on your Story, then swipe up to access the sticker tray. You should see an icon that says “Questions.” If you do, that means you have it!

Why is my Instagram Questions not working?

Go into your app store and see if there are any Instagram updates to download. Once your app is updated, try again to look for the Questions feature. If you still aren’t seeing it, restart your phone and try again. … When you submit a question to someone, they’ll know exactly who it’s from.

How do I enable Questions on Instagram?

How to ask a question on Instagram Stories

  1. Tap the camera icon on the upper left. Meira Gebel/Instagram.
  2. Select the square smiley icon. Meira Gebel/Business Insider.
  3. Locate “Questions” and tap. Meira Gebel/Business Insider.
  4. Type in a question to ask your followers. …
  5. Once you’ve posed a question, add it to your story.
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Why can’t I respond to Questions on Instagram?

If for whatever reason you still aren’t able to respond to someone’s question, make sure you’re tapping the response box directly (if it’s small, it can be difficult to get it) or contact the Instagram help desk directly.

Why is my Instagram poll not showing up?

First, sign out of the app, and force-quit. Then, you’ll have to re-open the app, and sign in again. If the IG Polls icon still isn’t there, delete and re-install the app. … Once your Poll is set up, place it wherever you’d like on the photo or video, and upload to your Story.

Why don’t I have add yours on Instagram?

If you’re not seeing the “Add Yours” feature show up or it’s not working for you, it’s a good idea to update your Instagram app to the latest version in Google Play or the App Store — it could be that your app is not up to date to support the feature.

How do you ask yes or no questions on Instagram?

To create a poll, tap on the Sticker icon (the square with the face) at the top of the Story screen and select the Poll sticker option. Find the Poll feature in the Sticker option in the Story screen. The option to add your question and a Yes/No poll box will appear.

How do you know if you’ve been blocked by someone on Instagram?

To know if someone blocked you on Instagram, you should try searching for their account. If you can’t find their account or see the profile image, you may have been blocked. Instagram doesn’t send notifications for blocked accounts, so you won’t be alerted if someone blocks you.

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How do you reply to Instagram with 2021 picture?

To reply with a photo or a video, tap the new camera button while you’re watching a story. You can use any creative tools in the camera, including face filters, stickers and Rewind. Replies also include a sticker of the story that you can move around and resize.

What are the new questions on Instagram?

The new Instagram feature works like this: You post a Questions sticker to your Story, and the Questions sticker auto-populates with the phrase Ask me a question. Once the Ask Questions sticker is posted, followers can respond.