You asked: Do TikTok drafts take up storage?

Then, do TikTok drafts take up storage? Your draft or private musical. lys the ones saved to your phone. They take updata because it is not saved to the public server where everyone can see it.

Does deleting drafts on TikTok save storage?

However, unlike the videos you upload to your profile, the drafts you save don’t get stored on the cloud but take up space on your iOS or Android phone itself. Since they’re locally saved, these files are treated the same way as any other app data on your smartphone.

What takes up storage on TikTok?

What kind of data is stored by TikTok? The TikTok app stores your TikTok profile details, app settings, details about videos you watched/uploaded to the platform, viewing history, filters, effects, liked videos, and so on. That said, TikTok is not saving the video itself but certain details about the video.

Will I lose my drafts if I logout of TikTok?

Does Logging Out of TikTok Delete Drafts? If you log out of TikTok, then the saved data related to your account (like Drafts) would automatically be deleted.

What happens if I clear cache on TikTok?

“Clear Cache” on TikTok means removing insignificant data in the app which will free up storage space on your device. … When you clear cache on TikTok, the data of videos that you’ve watched before will be deleted. You may be logged out of the app as well, so you need to log in to it again.

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Does TikTok use iCloud storage?

Once you’ve got all your TikTok data on your phone, it’s time to back it up. … Unfortunately, iCloud is not a backup service; it simply syncs your data with your other Apple devices. This means that if your Mac and iPhone are synced and you lose the saved TikToks on your iPhone, you will lose them on your Mac too.

How do I get my drafts back after deleting TikTok?

To find out how to recover deleted TikTok drafts, open the app and tap the “Profile” icon. Then tap on the three dots or three dashes at the top of the screen and then choose “Privacy”. Then choose the option “Download your data”.