Quick Answer: Is twitter getting an edit button?

After months of speculation, Twitter has rolled out its long-anticipated premium subscription service, though U.S. users will have to wait a while longer before they can sign up. … It’s not quite an edit button, something people have repeatedly clamored for, but it’s as close as Twitter has come to date.

Is there an edit feature on Twitter?

Because deleting a tweet shouldn’t be the only option. Twitter knows sometimes you need to change your tweets after the fact. On Tuesday, the company announced a new feature that allows users to retroactively restrict who can respond to specific tweets.

Will Twitter ever get an edit button?

In short – you can’t do it because Twitter doesn’t provide such a feature. Twitter edit button is a highly requested feature from Twitter users, but the CEO of Twitter has his own opinion why this probably will never be done. … Or maybe your opinion has simply changed and now you want to take back what you said.

What is the edit button on Twitter?

Avid Twitter users, who for years have demanded an “edit” button to fix typos in their tweets, will now be able to set a timer of up to 30 seconds, giving them a window to click an “undo” button and edit tweets before they are posted.

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How do I edit a tweet in 2021?

Until 2021, unfortunately, Twitter hasn’t allowed its users to edit tweets. When you made a mistake, even a little typo, you had two options; either you can choose to delete your tweet, re-write it again and post it or keep it as it is.

Why can’t I edit a Twitter post?

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Answers Twitter Questions From Twitter

someone will inevitably ask. … “The reason there’s no edit button [and] there hasn’t been an edit button traditionally is we started as an SMS text messaging service,” explains Dorsey. “So as you all know, when you send a text, you can’t really take it back.

Does twitter Blue have an edit button?

And of course, Twitter Blue gives subscribers the closest thing you’ll get to Twitter’s most-requested feature — an “edit” button — with its alternative, an “Undo Tweet” button. This allows users to catch a typo and fix it before the tweet is fully posted, but not correct tweets that are already live.

What is an edit button?

An Edit button toggles the EditMode for content within a container that supports EditMode.active .